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Financial Documents

Use AI to extract data from your financial documents automatically

Optimize your financial data management

Having accurate and up-to-date financial data at your fingertips is crucial to make the right business decisions. Our Deep Learning algorithms can help to simplify the process of data aggregation and allow for more efficient data and document management. The technology can be trained to automatically extract relevant information from various types of documents and contracts. Thus, information that used to be hidden in complex contracts is brought to surface in a structured format; enabling more efficient data aggregation and significantly better transparency of large data sets.

Automated key data generation

  • Fast data aggregation
  • Deep Learning algorithms extract required data
  • Quick quality control extraction
  • Extract data from contracts in 20+ languages

Structured data repository

  • Real-time insight to accurate portfolio data
  • Access your data with only a few clicks
  • Migrate and sync data with your target system
  • Improve your target system data quality

Manage your documents more efficiently

We are expanding and training our smart AI technology to support information extraction for documents in the finance industry. Whether it is credit agreements, mortgage documents, or loan agreements, we aim to support various kinds of documents and contracts within finance. Once trained, our Machine Learning technology can help you to automatically extract the relevant data, enabling a faster and more efficient way to handle your corporate financial data. See below for some supported financial document types and some exemplary data points that can be extracted.

Loan agreements
  • Borrower Name
  • Loan Amount
  • Payment Date
Credit agreements

Credit and Loan agreements

  • Effective Date
  • Buyer Name
  • Purchase Price
Mortgage documents

Mortgage documents

  • Mortgagee Name
  • Principal Sum
  • Property Address
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Our Partnership with LEVERTON will increase customer experience & drive efficiency of our lease management platforms.

Christian Ulbrich

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8G Capital Partners

Manually a lawyer needs three to five hours to examine one lease file. With LEVERTON's data extraction only 20 to 45 minutes are needed.

Cornelia Thaler


Clifford Chance

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